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Our mission in relations with customers is to provide them with products and services of high quality, in accordance with their standards, within a specified time frame. Obligation, punctuality, understanding of the essence of the client's need, the desire to solve the problem of any complexity - the main characteristics of our company and the people in it working.

Our mission in relation to partners is to maintain long-term mutually beneficial relations for the sake of stability of our business and their business. Compromise and long-term mutual benefit are more important than short-term unilateral success.

Our mission in relation to state bodies is to strive to work within the legal framework, to be a law-abiding member of society.


System solutions

The basis of the company's success in Ukrainian and foreign markets is its balanced vertically-integrated business model and organizational culture based on three main values:

  • Absolute punctuality.
  • Flawless quality.
  • Solution of any complexity.
FSSC 22000 v5 FSSC 22000 v5.1

Production of disposable plastic packaging for food products

IATF 16949 IATF 16949

Interior and exterior parts produced by injection molding and assembly

ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015

Design and manufacturing of molds and dies

Nestle certificate Nestle certificate

Nestle certificate of recognition

Certificate of excellence from PSS Certificate of excellence from PSS

Certificate of excellence from Premium Sound Solution

ISO 14001 ISO 14001

Injection molding and assembly of interior and exterior plastic parts for automotive industry

ISO 13485 ISO 13485

Design, manufacture and sale of medical devices



Spetztekhosnastka Ltd is a Ukrainian private company, founded in 1989 in the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk (now - the city of Kamianske) as an enterprise specializing in the production of stamps and molds. Over time, the company's activities have diversified, and today, in addition to manufacturing molds for molding plastic products, the company produces a large range of rigid plastic packaging for food and paint and varnish industry, and also, since 2008, plastic components for the production of European cars.

Among other activities of the company - the production of medical products, skeletons brake pads and the provision of household services to the population of the city of Kamianske.



The founding of the production cooperative. We began operating on rented areas and with rented equipment.



Starting of metalworking process, serial production of dies. The first major customer was the Russian company AvtoVAZ



Joining of the city dry-cleaning factory to the manufacturing company Spetztekhosnastka



Creation and registration of the Spetztekhosnastka logo, which is the current logo of the company to the present day



Start of mastering of the production of injection molds. Acquisition of own territory - a production site in Bagley district



Relocation to the new area. Purchase of machines that became the first property of Spetztekhosnastka



Search for injection molding machines for conducting own mold testing. Purchase of 4 used machines from Germany. Start of the casting of plastic foodservice products



Release of the first products of thin-walled casting. Certification of the production for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000



The first participation in the Euromold exhibition (Germany) and the presentation of the company on the international market. Start of the construction of new workshop for the production of plastic products



Opening and launch of the production of plastic products in the new workshop. Purchase of new injection molding machines. Registration of the trademark “Vital Plast”. Formation of a shift production schedule and ensuring continuous operation of the workshop



he first experience of automotive products moulding. Certification of the production for compliance with the requirements of ISO / TS 16949



Purchase of the first robot for applying IML labels to plastic products



Opening of the workshop for the production of automotive products. Certification of the production for compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001



The launch of the new project for the production of plastic components for the Volkswagen Golf 7



Purchase of the injection molding machine for two-shot moulding of plastic products



Certification of the production of plastic products for compliance with the requirements of the standard ISO 22000 - food industry. Implementation of the HACCP System



Start of work with new SAN material (STYRENE-ACRYLONITRILE) in the manufacture of containers and packaging for the food industry



Obtaining of international award - certificate of impeccable quality for outstanding innovations in production automation from the company Premium Sound Solutions (Belgium)



Certification of the production of engineering plastics for compliance with the requirements of IATF16949 standard - updated version for the automotive industry



Certification of the food safety management system at Plastic Packaging Production for compliance with the requirements of the FSSC 22000 certification scheme



Publishing house : World of packaging Professionalism, Flexibility, Quality

Spetztekhosnastka Company (TM Vital-Plast) is a Ukrainian enterprise that produces a broad range of plastic containers. The company approaches market challenges using innovative solutions for their clients. Its Director General Mr. Vladimir Lempert spoke to us about this.

Publishing house : The Financial Times Ukraine’s investment shortage puts rebound at risk

Vladimir Lempert, founder of a factory in the industrial city of Kamianske in east-central Ukraine, strolls proudly along production lines churning out plastic parts used by carmakers including Land Rover, BMW and VW. Elsewhere, imported robotic machinery shapes plastic pellets into containers for food, construction materials and the medical industry.

Publishing house : Die Welt "Our German partners highly appreciate us " - Vladimir Lempert, founder and CEO of Spetztekhosnastka Ltd.

Founded in 1989, Spetztekhosnastka (STO) with its molds for production of tool parts and special parts, which are being used in the process of manufacturing of the most renowned German cars, medical components and other products, is demonstrating exponential growth in the world market.

Publishing house : The ARBURG magazine Automatically good! STO: High-end injection moulding technology from Ukraine

Plastics processing company with in-house mould construction and injection moulding shops, inter alia for medical technology, automotive and packaging items, which are produced in a highly automated manner, partly also using the IML process, as well as an in-house metalworking shop. A company with a high level of quality and processing, dynamic growth and comprehensive high-tech production. Its name: STO. Nothing unusual so far. The story becomes more interesting, however, when you know that STO is the abbreviation for Spetztekhosnastka Ltd. and that the company is based in Kamianske in Eastern Ukraine

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"Spetstekhosnastka" LLC is one of the manufacturers of precise molds, recognized in the global market. These are injection molds for engineering plastics for domestic and foreign companies producing automotive components.

Publishing house : World of packaging Establishment strategy. Development of the leader of the plastic products market

This year, the company Spetztekhosnastka turns 30 years old, the Vital Plast trademark - 17. This is a considerable period for the private Ukrainian company and its brand. Vladimir Lempert, CEO of Spetztekhosnastka LTD (TM Vital Plast) spoke about the establishment of the company and its development strategy

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a place for advanced technologies

Spetztekhosnastka Ltd., usually referred to as “STO”, is an unusual case of Ukrainian supplier for the European automotive industry.

Publishing house : packaging.com.ua Quality is the basis of efficiency

The Spetztekhosnastka enterprise (TM Vital-Plast) has managed to achieve an optimal balance between the quality of polymer packaging and its price. The range of packaging TM Vital-Plast is a spectrum of effective solutions for manufacturers of paints and varnishes and food products

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Modern retail industry puts high demands on the packaging of goods delivered to the shelves. And indeed: oil-leaking preserves and salads, swollen lids on mayonnaise jars, sliding lids on ice cream containers, buckets of paint, uncomfortable when carrying - all of this not only creates problems during storage of manufacturers' products on the shelves of stores, but also discourage the end customer!

Publishing house : World of packaging Guarantees that are molded in plastic

Molded containers and polypropylene packaging have a number of advantages for dairy products packaging. First of all, it is their environmental friendliness and safety. Such packaging is supplied by "Spetztekhosnastka" Ltd. (TM Vital-Plast), guaranteeing to its customers the full fulfillment of obligations for the assortment, quality and deliveries of shipments of the required volume in due time

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When choosing a professional activity, it is necessary to take into account the practical knowledge about the profession - this will enable young people to come closer to making the right decision and avoid disappointments in the future. For this purpose the employment service conducts job specification excursions to potential employers for senior pupils.

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The current crisis related to the pandemic affects every company in the world and, in particular, in Ukraine. It is commendable that in such difficult times companies choose not only to survive , but also to develop. The company "Spetstekhosnastka" did just that. Vladimir Lempert, CEO of the company, shared with us some details ...

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